Scope: 40,000 sq. ft.
Total Project Budget: $9,000,000 
Completion: Anticipated February 2012
Owner: Circle of Life Hospice

Circle of Life Hospice | Bentonville, AR
KMA faced the challenge of placing a 40,000-square-foot 24 bed in-patient hospice in a retirement community specially designed to replicate an historic neighborhood in a small town. By designing each functional area to be a segmented part of the façade that represents its function, each 8 bed in-patient hospice pod is designed to present the appearance of a single family house. 

The chapel looks like a church for a small town, and the community rooms are grouped to appear as a civic building such as a library and the supply area for the in-home care hospice patients replicates a historical stone barn. The acceptance of the building design among the existing campus residents has been high in a location where an institutional looking building would have met strong resistance.